The infection of making wooden archery tackle can launch some folks into reading everything they can find about trees that make good bows or arrows. That leads to seeing potential material in places that wouldn’t have been noticed by a healthy mind. There’s that straight-grained whateverit- is that trims the interior doors at church. That well-aged wainscoting in the sanctuary. And power poles. Lots of them are made of spruce or Douglas fir.
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A large deer proudly stands on a small hillock, slightly hidden by a copse of summer birch trees. Its massive antlers are clearly framed in a gap in the leaves against a shimmering blue sky. Two hunters, Og and his neighbour, Ug, dressed only in loin cloths, silently creep toward it, although heavily laden with rocks.
Og stops, points and whispers, “Ug, I’ll creep around to the right of the deer.
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There has been a large revival of people building and hunting with wood bows in the last decade. By wood bow, I mean a bow made from a single piece of wood, often referred to as a “self bow.” I don’t know if this is due to a conscious movement by many to get more in touch with their hunting roots, a rebellion by some against the constant onslaught of modern technology, or the result of older, more experienced hunters attempting to augment their enjoyment of the hunt by increasing the challenge.
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It was just past midnight when an aged hunter cried out in severe pain. It happened as he tried to find a better position on his pallet to rest. His body hurt all over, but never had the pain been as intense as it was now. Lying on his back and then rolling over on his left or right side offered little relief. He felt as if there was an enormous snake-like kink inside of his body that needed to be straightened out. Since his bed had become a torture chamber instead of a haven of rest, he decided that if he could not sleep, he would go for a walk.
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