A while back, a good friend of mine gave me a couple of Osage billets. These billets had been prepared by a friend of his for use in the commercial takedown handles you can buy at some of the traditional archery supply stores that cater to the primitive in us.
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We tend to think of life as an Indian or Native American (as we tend to call them these days) as an idyllic one. Living in peace and harmony with nature on perfect bluebird days, as long as the white man wasn’t around. Truth be told, life for an Indian was very difficult at best, fraught with danger and hardship. Rather than the perfect autumn weather we normally see in the paintings of the Indians...
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The war party of the People traveledsilently but quickly through the trees. Every warrior was alert with his weapons at the ready. Early the previous morning, a messenger had arrived at their village requesting help. A large raiding party of the warlike northern Shaved Heads had been spotted near an outlying village of the People...
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I love flint. It is a unique stone with very unique properties. Most rocks have very limited use for humans, or at the most are simplycosmetic. Flagstone is used to line a porch or add decorative appeal to the outside of a house. Crushed gravel is used for roads. Cobbles create borders between flower gardens and the lawn. And yet, others are bulldozed away, used as wave breaks on fragile coastlines or even skipped across a pond.
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Baffling Bannerstones
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