One of the things that fascinates me about bows is the sheer variety of configurations they can assume and still get the job done. I am finding that I love pretty much everything relating to bows unless it includes fiberglass, carbon fiber, or pulleys. While I can certainly appreciate finely crafted bows of exotic materials, I seem to be more comfortable with bows that possess a lot of personality and in fact find myself becoming bored with so-called “perfection.” It takes all kinds, they say. This being the case, I have found it necessary to oduce flawed items of all sorts with some regularity...
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"I imagine that there are very few PA readers who can claim to have been loyal subscribers since the magazine’s premier issue; I have all but devoured every issue since the beginning and PA has filled a void in my archery passion. Over the years I have had the good fortune to meet many of the icons of our sport, people such as Paul Comstock, Tim Baker, and Gary Davis—they have all been fantastic teachers.
Inspired by the articles in PA, the books written by Comstock, and The Traditional Bowyer’s Bible series, I was determined to create my own Osage bow, starting with finding the tree.

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Sunlight filters down through Russian olive branches, lending light and shadow to the buckskin-clad hunter concealed in the thick tangle of brush along the riverbank. The tip of an antler is barely visible in the dense thicket off to his left. His arm muscles are slowly weakening as a drop of sweat slides down his face on this late September evening. The bow in his hand is growing heavier by the second and, at full draw, the longbow soon becomes overwhelming. Even with months of practice and thousands of arrows shot before season, he is soon going to have to let off if the buck doesn’t move.
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By Jonathan Hall
Dating back to prehistory with bows like the Holmegaard, elm is an established bow wood, perhaps more so than my usual choices of Osage, Yew, and Red Mulberry. Elm makes bows, and by many accounts it makes very good bows. I was curious to try something different, and decided to give elm a try.
After some online inquiries, I was contacted by a local gentleman who just happened to have some elm for sale, and a meeting was set up. My fiancée, Mary, accompanied me on a pleasant Sunday drive into the western frontier of our state.
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Third Turkey Time by Rob Sager

Far East Pig Hunt
By John Borgeson

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