A while back, a good friend of mine gave me a couple of Osage billets. These billets had been prepared by a friend of his for use in the commercial takedown handles you can buy at some of the traditional archery supply stores that cater to the primitive in us.
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We tend to think of life as an Indian or Native American (as we tend to call them these days) as an idyllic one. Living in peace and harmony with nature on perfect bluebird days, as long as the white man wasn’t around. Truth be told, life for an Indian was very difficult at best, fraught with danger and hardship. Rather than the perfect autumn weather we normally see in the paintings of the Indians...
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What tools do I need?
You will need at least three knapping tools: a hammer stone, a billet, and a pressure flaker. Leather or rubber pads, work gloves, and eye protection are essential as well. There are places on the internet that sell tool kits as well as individual tools. Just do a search for “flintknapping tools” online or at your local library. If you’re handy, you can easily make your own.
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The fiercely-painted warrior bent over and seized a handful of his dead enemy’s hair with a copper-skinned hand as the other hand drew a forged steel trade knife across the hairline of his victim’s forehead. He skillfully guided the blade back behind one ear, down across the back of the neck, up past the opposite ear, and then connected the cut at the forehead.
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