The Medicine Man was grinding bark in a stone mortar when he heard people shouting from the direction of the main gate of the village. He laid the pestle down and looked toward the commotion. A crowd of the People was gathering near the gate, talking loudly and excitedly, clustering around a group of men who had just walked into the village.
“The trader has returned!” someone called out. The healer smiled, knowing that before the evening was over, his old friend would visit him, bringing the exotic healing plants and materials the Medicine Man had requested...
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Hunting with Ugly Points
by Billy Berger

When I first began flintknapping many years ago, I marveled at the skill of those craftsmen, both ancient and modern, who were able to create beautifully thin and perfectly shaped points out of stone. Ripple flake scars, perfect cross sections, and deep, narrow notches were the thing of this budding flintknapper’s dreams.
After many years of practice, I was able to finally make the beautifully crafted points I had lusted after for so many years...
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The sound of hooves crunching on gravel combine with the soft grunts and vocal crescendo of pigs feeding toward my concealed position. The wind is in my favor and a thick stand of wild plum and prickly pear hides me well as the herd of pigs approach from my left. I have been on many hunts for many species with strong wood bending at the final moment when feathered death meets with muscle and bone, hide and sinew. Today is a little different.
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A common question among primitive bowyers, especially beginners, is, “What is sinew and how do you get it?” This article will not be a tutorial on how to butcher an entire deer; instead it will show the process for sinew removal. These techniques can be applied to other animals such as antelope, elk, moose, and buffalo.
First off, sinew is just another word for tendons. Tendons are the strong...
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