Hello fellow archers, it’s time to share another recipe with you. The meal I have for you this time is in the breakfast/brunch venue. My wife and I can at times be ships passing in the night. So, on one of our most recent days off together I decided to court her with a little breakfast treat.
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In competitions, some people play the odds by availing themselves of all the possibilities that come their way. That’s why most archers who make their way to the annual Flight Archery Tournament held on the Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover, Utah, shoot six arrows each allotted round. Why shoot only one if there’s a possibility that the second, or the third, or the fourth, or fifth, or even the sixth going further? Yes, most people think that way. Most everyone lets fly six arrows each round.
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The fiercely-painted warrior bent over and seized a handful of his dead enemy’s hair with a copper-skinned hand as the other hand drew a forged steel trade knife across the hairline of his victim’s forehead. He skillfully guided the blade back behind one ear, down across the back of the neck, up past the opposite ear, and then connected the cut at the forehead...
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I hunted the same general area as another fellow. Despite being a bit of a snoop by scouting out all my stand locations, that other fellow is a decent enough guy. Meeting out at the trucks one evening he admitted sitting in one of my stands a couple of nights earlier and told me he didn’t like it and wouldn’t sit it again.
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