Volume 27
Issue 4

Aug/Sept 2019

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Fifty Years Behind the Bow by Charles (Butch) Stone

Archery Despite Adversity, Part 4
Training for Months and...by Mathias Wiltschko

“Life Is Good” at the Tennessee Classic
by Ashley Bunker

The Long and the Short of it by Bill Priest

Bent Stick, Part 6
Accuracy is Deadly: A Lesson of 1930s Bowhunting by Paul Comstock

USA Traditional Archery Team Competes at the Prestigious Okcular Vakfi for the 7th Conquest Cup in Istanbul, Turkey
by Rebecca Stacey


Bows of the Month
From www.primitivearcher.com by Tom Allen

From the Pit ™
Flintnapping FAQ by Patrick Blank

Cave Chatter
Atlatls and Alligators by Ryan Gill


Calendar of Events
Event Calendar for August - November by Marie Luther

Classified Ads

Poet’s Corner
Rnage Free k by Kathryn Lane

Traditional Archery World Championships by Donald J. Swihart & Pamela Frane

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