Volume 26
Issue 3

June/July 2018

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Not Guilty by Charles (Butch) Stone

No Strings Attached by Tim Lewis

A Bow Built for Redemption by Benji Hill

Primitive Elk: The Long Trail by Ryan Gill

Hill Country Shootout by Chad Wooley

Twenty Point Season by Charles (Butch) Stone


Bows of the Month From www.primitivearcher.com by Tom Allen

From the Pit ™- Flintnapping FAQ by Patrick Blank

Cave Chatter
Promoting Penetration with a Smooth Transition by Ryan Gill

From Our Quiver
Hunt or Die by Noah Wrightwell

Primitive Chef® - Apricot Pralines by G.G.


Calendar of Events
Event Calendar for June - Octoberby Marie Luther

Primitive Puzzle
Crosswords - Wild Turkey

Classified Ads

Poet’s Corner
Native American Bow and Arrow by Kathryn Lane

The Moment Imagined by Cecil B. Meyers

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