Volume 25
Issue 4

Aug/Sept 2017

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Coal Burning: Creating Wooden Containers by Jenn and Josh McKinley

Baffling Bannerstones by A. J. Hendershott

Canoes, Black Powder and Bucks by Thomas (Thom) Holt

The Fowler: Virtues and Shortcomings by Tony Kinton

The Winter League by Kevin J. Raybould (Buffalogobbler)

Building a Flintlock Rifle (Part One) by Mike Yancey

The ‘Short Warbow’: An Appreciation by Hugh D.H. Soar


Hunting Column - Climb or Brush In by Tony Kinton

Bows of the Month - From www.primitivearcher.com
by Tom Allen

From the Pit ™ - Flintnapping FAQ
by Patrick Blank

Cave Chatter - Primitive Hunting Q&A
by Ryan Gill

Ask PA - Cedar Wood for Bow
by Marc St. Louis

Medicine Man - Sweetgrass
by John Rigg

Calendar of Events - Event Calendar for June - October
by Marie Luther

All Things Arrows Crossword Puzzle

Classified Ads

Poet’s Corner - Purgatory
by Thomas Holt

Backtrails® - Medieval Bowstrings
by Eric Roth


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