Volume 26
Issue 6

Dec/Jan 2019

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A Bear for Lisa by Mike Yancey

Archery Despite Adversity by Matthias Wiltschko

The Bent Stick, Part 2 by Paul Comstock

Washakie: An American Legend by Ed Ingold

Shelton’s Sheep Horn Bow Build with Tom Lucas, Part 3 by Shelton Fitzgerald

Projectile Points by Cecil B. Meyers


Bows of the Month - From www.primitivearcher.com by Tom Allen

From the Pit ™ - Flintnapping FAQ by Patrick Blank

Cave Chatter - Spears, Sheep, and Stigma by Ryan Gill

Medicine Man® -Cinnamon by T.R. Zimmermann

Primitive Chef® -German Liverwurst by Robert Goebel


Calendar of Events -Event Calendar for December – Mayby Marie Luther

Primitive Puzzle -Word Scramble - Arrowhead Terms

Classified Ads

Poet’s Corner - Cattle Drive by Kathryn Lane

Backtrails® -Meet Scott Stanberry by Kevin J. Raybould

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