Volume 25
Issue 2

April/May 2017

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The Hunter’s Close Friend by Thomas (Thom) Holt

Primitive Weapons Feral Hog Adventures by Mike Yancey

Understanding Arrowheads by Ryan Gill

The Convenient Quiver by Larry Clemons

The Journey by A. Preston Taylor

Bow-Dacious Times at Marc Adams School of Woodworking by Richard Saffold

For the Love of Jerky by Kevin J. Raybould (Buffalogobbler)

To the Land of Dreams by Scott Stanberry


Hunting Column
Choosing the Right Tool by Tony Kinton

Bows of the Month From www.primitivearcher.com
by Cipriano Rivera

From the Pit ™
Flintnapping FAQ by Patrick Blank

Cave Chatter
Primitive Hunting Q&A by Ryan Gill

Ask PA
Bow Wood in Ottawa by Marc St. Louis

Muzzleloading Crossword Puzzle

Primitive Chef ®
Venison Gyros with Tzatziki Sauce by Bill Campbell

Calendar of Events
Event Calendar for April - September by Marie Luther


Classified Ads

Poet’s Corner
Sanctum by Tim Brown

May I Hunt Here? by Tim Lewis

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