Volume 27
Issue 2

April/May 2019

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The Bent Stick: Part 4
The Great Shooting Debate of The 1930s by Paul Comstock

Walking the Primitive Path by Charles (Butch) Stone

Shelton’s Sheep Horn Bow Build with Tom Lucas: Part 5 by Shelton Fitzgerald

From Our Quiver: True Story of a Jaguar Hunt by Charles E. Grayson

Common Ground by Bill Priest

Primitive Archer Profile:
Meet Brian Schlifke by Kevin J. Raybould


Bows of the Month and Year
From www.primitivearcher.com by Tom Allen

From the Pit ™
Flintnapping FAQ by Patrick Blank

Cave Chatter
Atlatl-ing Fish by Ryan Gill

Book Review
Howard Hill’s Method of Shooting the Bow and Arrow by Ed Ingold

Primitive Chef®
North Carolina Blackberry Wine Cake by Michael Overby


Calendar of Events
Event Calendar for April - August by Marie Luther

Primitive Puzzle
Crossword Puzzle - Native Americans

Classified Ads

Poet’s Corner
Roadrunner by Kathryn Lane

The Birth of a Passion by Stephen Probus

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